Vision, Mission, Values & Objectives


Neutral Investigation and accusation in criminal cases according to the best international practices relying on distinguished national staff.

A happy and confident society of the rule of law.

Corporate Values

1. Justice and Neutrality: Establishing the principle of justice in society, and adjudicate their cases with Neutrality, equality and evenness among all groups for their rights, freedom and security

2. Integrity and Transparency: Set adequate standards for achieving integrity and transparency by providing the appropriate amount of information to persons concerned.

3. Creativity and Innovation: Support innovation and creativity in all fields and working on helping individuals accomplish achievements by adopting their ideas and turning them into distinct results

4. Productive Cooperation with Partners: Building strategic partnerships to achieve mutual benefits in all areas.

5. Social Responsibility: Enhancing the role of Public Prosecution towards the community (voluntary, humanitarian, awareness).


Strategic Goals​​​

1. Enhance the efficiency of criminal case administration, and excellence in completion of investigations.

2. Enhance our role in legal and judicial fields locally and internationally.

3. Excellence in providing services and enhancing the experience of customers.

4. Enhancement of relationship with partners and the society.

5. Enhancement of institutional development services and innovation.
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