Vision, Mission, Values & Objectives

​The Vision
Promote justice, protect rights and freedoms of the community through distinguished world-class performance.


The Mission

Achieve a fair legal protection for  the society based on professional human resources, modern techniques and strengthening of cooperation with partners and the society. 


 Corporate Values

Justice and Impartiality: Establishing the principle of justice among community members, and serve their cases with impartiality and equality among all groups in their rights, freedoms and security.

Integrity and Transparency: Set adequate standards to achieve integrity and transparency by providing the appropriate amount of information to persons concerned.

Creativity and Innovation: Support innovation and creation, adopt the culture of excellence in all fields of work in the Ministry, and set a positive atmosphere for the assistance of members in transforming their ideas into practical results that effectively contribute to the achievement of unique accomplishments.

Productive Cooperation with Partners: Building strategic partnerships to achieve mutual benefits in all areas.


Strategic Goals​​​

  • Promote justice and legal protection.
  • Raising the efficiency level of penal cases management.
  • Excellence in providing service and improvement of customer experience.
  • Strengthen of relation with the partners and society.
  • Development of institutional support service and strengthening of creativity and innovation culture.
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