This letter is sent to the traffic department to verify the identity of the owner of the vehicle over there and then be authorized to claim the car from the place of releasing impounded vehicles.
It is possible to replace the passport of the bailer in exchange of another bailer’s passport after viewing the reasons and getting the approval of the respective prosecutor.
Yes it is possible, but after the approval of the respective prosecutor on delivering the items the owner of the seized items must come and claim the items personally, unless the power of attorney clearly states the attorney can claim on his behalf.
Yes it is possible if it is mentioned in the power of attorney ( that the attorney is authorized to claim the passport and the personal documents of the concerned person)
No there is no maximum level for the amount paid on photocopying, and an amount of 5 Dirhams is charged per paper regardless of the number of papers.
The case does not get removed from the electronic system, but the rehabilitation is done either judicially or by the force of law if all required legal condition are met and a letter is sent to the GHQ to clear the record.
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