Vision, Mission, Values & Objectives


Impartial investigation and accusation in criminal cases that exceed international best practices.

A happy and confident society of the rule of law.

Corporate Values

1. Justice and Neutrality: Establishing the principle of justice in society, and adjudicate their cases with Neutrality, equality and evenness among all groups for their rights, freedom and security

2. Integrity and Transparency: Set adequate standards for achieving integrity and transparency by providing the appropriate amount of information to persons concerned.

3. Innovation and foresight for the future: Supporting innovation in all its fields by adopting innovative ideas and foreseeing the future in a way that supports the state’s trends.

4. Customer Care: Providing the best services to the customers efficiently and effectively that satisfies their needs and exceeds their expectations.

5. Positive Citizenship: Enhancing the sense of belonging and loyalty to the homeland and leaders of United Arab Emirates and interacting with instructions positively regrinding behavior and responsibility.

6. Openness and Tolerance: Disseminating and consolidating the values of tolerance in the Public Prosecution by providing educational programs on the values of tolerance in the Public Prosecution, developing and implementing awareness programs on equal opportunities in employment and service provision.


Strategic Goals​​​

1. Enhancing the efficiency of the penal cases and excellence in completing the investigations and indicting by using the best modern technology.
2. Enhancing the department's role in the legal and judicial fields, nationally and internationally.
3. Excellence in services and progressing customer experience.
4. Investing in human capital and enhancing institutional support abilities and capabilities.
5. Pioneering the capabilities to enhance the institutional work system.
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