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Contact with departments and sections :

​Department / Section​Description​ Contact Details
​ Attorney General’s Office​To manage the Office of the Attorney General and organize its work in all respects and receive whatever concerns the customers and employees and to meet the requirements of all and to obtain the satisfaction of all.



​ Administration of Supportive Services​Providing institutional support to the Department, which consists of human, financial and technical resources to support the achievement of the strategic objectives of the Department towards achieving the efficiency of Judicial work and enable it to provide the best services to its customers



​ Corporate Communication Office​To highlight the bright image of the institution and the services provided to the community in addition to the fact that it forms a link and a communication mean within the institution and outside.​​072070000


​ Institutional Development Office​Providing the Department with the necessary strategies, monitoring the efficiency of institutional performance, verifying the application of institutional standards and standards of excellence, and providing the highest quality of strategic policies, standards and statistical information, which supports the decisions of the Department.​​072070000


​ Administrative Services Section ​Providing logistic support to the Department to achieve quality work and projects supporting the strategic and operational objectives of the Department.​​072070000


​ Human Resource Department​To attract, support and empower human resources and invest in its development and qualify them in order to achieve the Department's objectives towards providing the best levels of Judicial and Administrative services.​​072070000


​Happiness Service Center​Receiving customer requests




Contact with site supervisor :

NameContact Details
Manager of Smart Development Committee - Public Attorney


System Administrator - Corporate Communications Office


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